Q:   Why do you recommend plants and not seeds?

A:    Asparagus Crowns, like daffodil bulbs, are rich storage tanks, ready to produce tasty spears.  The    growing is half done, saving two years in time before cutting.


Q:   Can I plant two year old asparagus crowns, to get me going sooner?

A:   Our crowns are “A Grade”, large one year old plants, weighing about 100 grammes.  The roots       have fine hairs and they cope with transplanting better than older plants. There is no gain from planting older, heavier crowns.


Q:   How do I know that the weather will be good for planting, when the asparagus crowns arrive?

A:   The crowns are lifted at the end of March, kept at 3°C, before being shipped to you in early April.   Leave the crowns in a cool place while you wait for the ideal conditions to plant.